Angel Composite Textile Mills Ltd. Will be one of leading Spinning mills in Bangladesh will made a remarkable position as Manufacture and Exporter of 100% Cotton Yarn. We believe that quality products are not only by promises but also by proven results through-Innovation in defining production processes of higher quality and marketing available modern technologies and professionals. It’s our Demand for Perfection.
A Team of experienced experts in their respective fields will knit together and each one of them will be responsible for his area of operations. They will be infused with spirit of Quality-Consciousness and performance Oriented Customer care.

High demand for the quality consumer product has encouraged Angel to step further into the Textile operations in 2015. Angel products will made a tremendous impact on consumers since its inception we believe. 

Angel Composite Textile Mills Ltd. is a company that will set up in Mokam, Nimshar, Burichong, Comilla . The company will produces some of the highest quality products available in the market today. The sheer quality and consumer friendly prices will made Angel Textile`s products a favorite amongst its consumers.
Angel Composite Textile Mills Ltd. will synthesize a product that is  not harmful to the consumers. The company holds a strong belief in providing for the people by not forgetting about the environment. Following code of conducts very persistently, they will maintain the highest amount of hygiene possible. Both the consumers and workers health will be taken into account and the company follow a set of systematic rules ensuring the products quality from resourcing to delivery.

 Angel will  appears as a brand name to its customers by steady and consistent market growth and for its premium quality. 

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