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Real Estate Business provides the means of serving one of the basic needs of human being living in the city- the need for shelter or house. The current trend of urban growth in Bangladesh is about 5-6 percent per annum (REHAB, 2013).This will change and increase the demand of people geometrically. At present 28 percent people live in urban areas which are expecting to be 34 percent in 2025 (The Daily Ittefaq, May, 2013). The present estimated population of Dhaka city is 15.93 million and estimated growth rate is 4.7 percent per annum (REHAB, 2013). All these people need shelter. To satisfy the housing need of this huge explosive population, here comes the need of real estate sector. The main focus of this research is the present scenario of real estate business in Bangladesh. This paper also highlights prospects and some problems of high-rise building. The study is descriptive in nature and data were gathered through primary and secondary sources. The result of this study show how real estate business are playing very important role to provide housing facilities regardless of high, middle and low-income people since the past two decades and also creates job opportunities for the unemployed people in Bangladesh and provided remarkable contribution to boost up overall economic conditions of Bangladesh.

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