Mission & Vision

In an effort to prepare  Angel for future success, representatives of  Angel Agro Feed launched the Vision for "Angel Feed".  This industry-wide effort is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Angel in the global marketplace.From the very beginning, the mission of Angel is to create the strongest brand value & brand equity in agro-industrial sector by ensuring consistent quality, accessibility, competency and affordability of our products or services to make our customers more capable, committed & sustainable with the vision of food of People, Place and Planet.


"Manufacture and distribute products and deliver services to the agricultural community that are reasonably priced and professionally provided,identify and develop markets based on customer need and opportunity with utilizing smooth technology in efficient mannner and contribute in the national economy by reducing unemployment"

"Our vision is to be an industry leader in Agro Feed production by 2020"

Angel Agro Feed Vision Goals

The following represent the three goals for the future of the  Angel Agro industry:
1.  Grow Feed production and sale to a top three ranking in Bangladesh through the growth of both commodity and value added production.
2.  Enable Agro Feed growth to a top three ranking in Bangladesh
3.  Lead Bangladesh as the alternative bio-based outcome leader through the adoption of new technologies.


Strategic Themes

This section includes five strategic themes that command attention to accomplish the established goals.  These strategic themes are necessary for improving many industries and are critical for each of the three goals.
1. Attract the necessary human and capital resources to support initiatives aimed at growing the agro feed industries.
2. Create a favorable business environment to nurture economic development in the country.
3. Improve community vitality.
4. Advance intellectual and innovation resources.
5. Act as a catalyst in collaboration and partnerships to grow and sustain the Agro feed industries.
Our Values

    Honesty and Intrgrity




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